8 Best Probiotic Rich Foods

In today’s post, I am sharing 9 best probiotic rich foods for overall gut health. Probiotics are a selection of natural live yeasts and/or bacteria inside your body that are beneficial for keeping your body in tiptop condition. People generally view bacteria as something negative that is bad for your health. But, there are two types of bacteria found in the body, good and bad bacteria.

Probiotics are good bacteria which are advantageous for bodily processes in many ways. Probiotics ensure that your body is working as it should. It helps with combating an excess of bad bacteria in your body, subsequently making you feel better. Some foods are naturally rich in probiotics. Read on to find out more.


8 Best Probiotic Rich Foods

1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a common source of probiotics that promote a healthy gut. Studies suggest that it could also provide relief for those that have a lactose intolerance. Probiotics might also assist with taming diarrhoea, gas, as well as other stomach-related issues. Certain brands contain “live and active cultures” which are the best options if you want to boost your probiotic intake.

2. Miso Soup

Miso is a well liked breakfast food from Japan which is essentially a fermented soybean paste that helps to get your system up and running. Miso is probiotic rich and is regularly used for making a healthy soup that is salty, high in antioxidants and B vitamins, and low in calories.

3. Sauerkraut

The unpasteurized sauerkraut is the best option because during the pasteurized process of many supermarket products, the beneficial good bacteria is killed. Sauerkraut  and the alike, yet spicy Korean kimchi variety are both loaded with immune-boosting vitamins that are useful for fighting off infection.

4. Soft Cheeses

Soft cheeses are beneficial for digestion, however not all probiotics are able to stay alive when traveling from the stomach to the intestines. Research suggests that the strains contained in soft cheeses, such as Gouda, are barely enough to survive the journey.

5. Sourdough Bread

It is worth paying attention to the type of bread you are using for making your lunch sandwiches. Sourdough bread is packed with probiotics that promote healthy digestion.

6. Sour Pickles

If you are looking for pickles that have a high probiotic content, look for those that are naturally fermented with no vinegar used during the pickling phase. Water solution and sea salt solution promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, and it could also make sour pickles useful for digestion.

7. Kefir

Legend goes that shepherds from the Caucasus mountains found that the milk they carried had a tendency to ferment which resulted in a creamy, thick and tangy yoghurt-like substance, which we know as kefir. Kefir contains its own unique strains of good bacteria in addition to some advantageous yeast varieties.

8. Tempeh

Tempeh is produced using a base of soybeans that are fermented. This patty of Indonesian origin is an excellent natural antibiotic which combats certain bacteria. Tempeh also contains loads of protein. People describe the flavour of tempeh as nutty, smoky, and very similar to mushroom. Tempeh can be marinated and used in dishes as a substitute for meat.

Taking Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics are not just found in foods. You can also buy them in tablet, powder, liquid, and capsule forms. Supplements do not offer equal nutritional value than their food counterparts, but they are quick and easy to use.

If you are interested in taking probiotic supplements, speak to your healthcare provider first. Probiotics should be taken with caution or avoided for those that are sick or have any immune system issues.

What is The Difference Between Probiotics And Prebiotics?

Probiotic foods contain live bacteria, whereas prebiotic foods have a role of feeding good bacteria that are already living in your gut. Prebiotics are found in bananas, legumes, asparagus, oatmeal, honey, Jerusalem artichokes, red wine, and more. You can eat prebiotic rich foods on their own, or in addition to probiotic foods to give your body a healthy boost.


I hope you have found this article about 8 best probiotic rich foods as interesting as I did. Probiotics play an essential role in promoting a healthy gut. Be sure to include some of these foods in your eating plan to boost your probiotic intake.

Sending you much love, healthy vibes, and positive energy.


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