All You Need to Know About Collagen


Today I will tell you all you need to know about collagen and why it plays such an important role in your body. Collagen is the most abundant protein present in the body and has various essential roles, from offering structure to the skin, to assisting with blood clotting. It has gained immense popularity as a nutritional supplement in recent years and it is used as an ingredient in body lotions and shampoos.

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7 Best Foods for Fighting Allergies


Today, I will be sharing 7 best foods for fighting allergies and keeping those seasonal sniffles at bay. Usually when people associate food with allergies it revolves around which foods to avoid.

However the link between food and allergies is restricted to a few food groups referred to as cross-reactive foods. Adverse reactions to cross-reactive foods might be experienced by individuals with ragweed, mugwort, or birch seasonal allergies.

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5 Benefits of Adult Coloring


Today, I will be sharing the benefits of adult coloring with you. I bet you didn’t know that coloring has therapeutic potential to create focus, increase mindfulness, and lower anxiety levels. Psychiatrists have been prescribing coloring to patients since way back in the 1900s. These days the intricate detail you can find in adult colouring in books is quite astounding.

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4 Fantastic Benefits of Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Today, I will be sharing 4 fantastic benefits of using extra virgin olive oil. This traditional organic oil has been used in Mediterranean cuisine for centuries, and for good reason. This dietary staple is incredibly healthy and can be used in various ways. Studies reveal that the antioxidant and fatty acid content contained in extra virgin olive oil can provide powerful health advantages.

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9 Tips on How To Regain Calmness During Times of Inner Chaos

Today, I will be sharing 9 tips on how to regain calmness during times of inner chaos. Life can be hard, and we all go through those times where you feel completely overwhelmed and tapped out. These are the days when it feels like you can’t physically get yourself out of bed to face the day. We all go through personal hardships that could involve sudden death of a loved one, relationship troubles, illness, or financial woes.

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