Loving Natural Healing Services

Hello! Its great that you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful natural healing modality. To simplify things, there are three main focal areas however it is not limited to these:

Physical Ailments

This can be anything from muscle cramps to a sprain, from a stomach ache to a headache, from a fresh wound or an old scar to broken bones. Depending on what you are suffering from, one or two treatments will suffice for minor ailments or a few treatments for more serious injuries, these will help speed up the body’s natural healing process.

 Emotional Concerns

Many people suffer from stress and anxiety due to busy work schedules and supporting their families on a day to day basis. Some of you have witnessed grief and saddness through losing loved ones in recent years; or maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic situation resulting in unwanted fear, which in turn has dramatically inhibited your lifestyle of late. Some people suffer from pent up anger and frustration that they dont know how to deal with or verbalise and it has a knock on affect with their loved ones. If any of these sound familiar, we can customise a treatment plan for you.

Mental Health

In recent years the phrase ‘mental health’ has been widely acknowledged and accepted which has brought a better understanding of things like depression, addiction (smoking, drinking, food, drugs, sex, gambling etc), unregulated phobias, obssesive compulsive behaviour, insomnia and dyslexia to name a few. Healing the mind from any of the above can be life changing for the person involved and for their loved ones.

The wondrous thing about Pranic Healing is that because it is non-touch  distance healing; you can get help no matter where you are in the world! To date I have helped people in South Africa, Italy and the UK. If you know of someone who is suffering and needs help, you can also gift them a treatment as a gesture of loving kindness.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this amazing natural healing modality and for pricing.

Much Love, Light and Blessings always,