5 Health Benefits of Social Interaction for Overall Wellbeing


Today we will be exploring 5 health benefits of social interaction. Throughout our lives we engage in various opportunities to shape and maintain relationships. Some of them cultivate and mature with us, while some of them stagnate due to changing life circumstances. It is not always to remain in touch with family and friends due to lockdown, a busy lifestyle, or some moving away.

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11 Telltale Signs of Mental Exhaustion


Today, I am sharing the telltale signs of mental exhaustion. It is similar to being physically worn out, except, your mind is exhausted instead of your muscles. It tends to happen when you emphasize on a mentally challenging task for a while.

You might also feel like your brain is drained and you are constantly stressed out or on alert. Mental Exhaustion can also be brought on if you have a lot on your plate, like caring for kids or aging parents alongside other things in your daily life.

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10 Reasons Why Yoga is Beneficial for Mental Health


It has been medically and scientifically proven in recent years that yoga can improve mental health and physical health. People who practice yoga typically has a higher tolerance for pain and can regulate stress and pain responses. It also has an array of other health-related benefits. In this post, I will be sharing 10 reasons why yoga is beneficial for mental health.

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How to Combat Anxiety – Take a Break, Take a Breath, and Take Stock


In this post I will be sharing three powerful ways on how to combat anxiety -Take a Break, Take a Breath, and Take Stock.

Fear has immense and comprehensive power over one’s mental health. It is a silent, but devastating factor that contributes to anxiety and depression. There is not always a basis for your fear, and even if there is, we might escalate this power to the point where it keeps us hostage. Fear originates from confusion and doubt. But, we don’t have to let it control us and allow it to place emotional strain on our bodies that impact our overall wellness.

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5 Benefits of Adult Coloring


Today, I will be sharing the benefits of adult coloring with you. I bet you didn’t know that coloring has therapeutic potential to create focus, increase mindfulness, and lower anxiety levels. Psychiatrists have been prescribing coloring to patients since way back in the 1900s. These days the intricate detail you can find in adult colouring in books is quite astounding.

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7 Tips on How to Manage Stressful Situations


In this post, I want to share my tips with you on how to manage stressful situations. Sometimes life throws you curve balls. Sometimes you think; pshh! Is that all you’ve got?? Ha! Other times you think; how am I going to make it through this day never mind the next few months? Life presents these situations to us for a reason. We dont always know why, or what lesson we’re meant to learn from them, and that my dear friends is where the adventure begins! Continue reading “7 Tips on How to Manage Stressful Situations”

10 Signs You may Have Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is a disorder where someone is afraid or scared of social situations, where they will have to interact with others. I will be sharing 10 signs you may have social anxiety in this post. This is not to be confused with the nerves of going for an interview or giving a speech in front of a group of people.

Social anxiety can affect someone in any given situation. This is a disorder that many people suffer from. In fact, some people are not even aware that they have it. In this article I will outline some signs which may mean you have social anxiety. I will also highlight some key factors on how to manage Social Anxiety going forward. Continue reading “10 Signs You may Have Social Anxiety”