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Welcome to my website! The mind is a very powerful tool and you have the ability to view every situation in a negative or positive way, it is your choice… Most people aren’t even aware that their thought patterns are (possibly) negative until something drastic happens which ends up changing the way they view life. This site is dedicated to finding the silver lining in every situation; to finding a way of always counting your blessings – even those little ones hiding in disguise!

Life Experiences

Some of the life experiences that I have been through in my past have been extremely tough and challenging – some still are. I have been learning how to assess these situations, removing the negativity from them and inserting positive energy to find a solution; to find the best way to progress to better myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually has led me to where I am today. And I wont say its all rainbows and butterflies everyday, for there has to be that balance: how can you appreciate and enjoy those moments of pure happiness and joy if you do not know what the opposite feels like?

The point is to be aware of how you feel in any given situation; identify and acknowledge those feelings, and in that split second before just reacting, make a conscious decision about how you choose to react.  And then as one of my teachers, Master Co says: forgive, let it go and move on. Forgiveness plays a big part. Of course this is much easier said than done and I have by no means mastered this technique. However it is something I practice often and try to implement on a daily basis. It is a journey and a process.

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Peace and Forgiveness

I think being at peace with yourself and in your life is essential to being healthy, happy and living a long life of wealth and abundance. Forgiveness of others and more importantly yourself, plays a major role in this.


Everyone has their¬† immediate family and relatives; for me however I view some of my closest friends as family too. I am blessed to have a beautiful extended family who care about each other and stay in contact often. I am also grateful for those close friends who I call my ‘Tribe of Lovelies’. They are those beautiful souls who bring you back to the light in the darkest of times, and who celebrate your goals and victories with you; who remind you of your achievements and how far you’ve come over time. Those gorgeous humans are also my family and I love them dearly. I truly hope that I can reciprocate the same amount of love back to them.

One Day at a Time

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to grow and evolve but also new blessings and reasons to be grateful and appreciate everything in life. anthea earring I have to keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone, keep pushing forwards, keep looking upwards. When you’re looking at the mountain in front of you that has to be moved, its not possible to move it all in one go; but one stone at a time? This is possible. Start at the beginning and take one step at a time. Then you get the job done and reach your goal.

Much Love, Light and Power to you,


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Beautiful website with engaging posts

Rated 5 out of 5
June 3, 2022

I love visiting your website and reading through your posts. Your website is so inspirational and informative.

Elize Swanepoel

Loving the health posts!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 22, 2021

Your health posts are fantastic! I’m always looking for natural remedies and ways to improve my health.