Pink Himalayan Salt – Uses and Benefits

In this article we will be looking at pink himalayan salt – uses and benefits. But first, let’s have a look at the differences between table salt and himalayan salt.

Salt is an essential mineral that is vital for life in general. This humble mineral is found in most homes because our bodies need it, and lets be honest – it makes the food we cook taste that little bit better! Salt consists of two primary electrolytes – chloride and sodium which helps to maintain the fluid balance in your body.

In its natural crystalline form, salt is known as halite or rock salt.  Contrary to popular belief, salt is not really as bad for you as you may think. As long as you consume it in moderation as with most foods, then it should be fine. However, salt in its refined form, table salt as we know it, does not have a lot of nutritional value.


This is because most of its nutrients have been stripped during the intense bleaching process. Many people have started looking at better alternatives to add to their dishes, like sea salt, rock salt, or Himalayan salt.

What is Himalayan Salt?

Also referred to as pink salt, this unique variety of salt comes from natural deposits that are found in the foothills of the Himalaya and Punjab region in Pakistan. Himalayan salt is not fortified like table salt and has high iodine levels. These opaque pink salt blocks have a pure taste and are used in culinary dishes to infuse a beautifully rich flavour.

Why is the salt pink? Himalayan salt is pink because it contains iron oxide. This versatile salt has a noticeable structure (colloidal form) that is easily absorbed by your body and has been maturing for more than 250 million years. Himalayan salt is mined, washed by hand, and then used in its natural, unprocessed form. This is probably the purest form of salt that you could possibly get.


Pink Himalayan Salt – Uses and Benefits

Pink Himalayan Salt Uses

Pink Himalayan salt uses include anything from inhaling it to provide relief for respiratory problems, to soaking in a Himalayan salt bath, or adding a unique flavor to your cooking dishes. Himalayan salt is especially good for seasoning meat because it spreads evenly and clings to the surface. Some people blend sweet and savory together and add a pinch to their desserts.

Himalayan salt rocks are not porous which means they can be exposed to extreme heat or cold. This makes pink Himalayan salt highly versatile. It can be crumbled over food or used to grill, bake, cure, saute, or chill. When you cook food over a Himalayan salt block, it gives the dish a unique delicate saltiness that takes it to the next level.

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

What makes this salt so beneficial is its natural content of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is believed to comprise of as many as eighty four trace minerals. Here are six health benefits linked to Himalayan salt which sets it apart from table salt.

Flushing Toxins From Your Body

A fantastic way to experience the health benefits of Himalayan salt is by making sole water. It involves water that is completely saturated with Himalayan salt.

How to Make Sole Water:

  • Fill a quarter of a jug with Himalayan salt
  • Add water to top it up entirely
  • Use a lid to seal the jug and let it rest overnight
  • Allow the salt to dissolve overnight

If you notice a trace of salt on the bottom of the jar, it means it has been fully absorbed.


Mix a teaspoon of sole water in a glass of water and drink it every morning. This will help with flushing out toxins from your body, regulating pH levels, and boosting your energy levels while keeping you hydrated. The trace minerals and negatively charged ions in the Himalayan salt enters your cells and pulls toxins out of them.

Maintaining Hormonal Balance and Blood Sugar Levels

Consuming Himalayan salt daily can ensure appropriate flow of fluids throughout your body. A healthy balance of hormones and minerals can assist with enhancing your insulin sensitivity and prevent blood sugar level spikes.

Improving Digestion

When you consume a meal, the process of digestion starts from the moment the food goes into your mouth. Himalayan salt can assist with activating the salivary glands that release amylase which helps with absorbing carbohydrates. At a later stage, it stimulates hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the enzyme that digests protein and assists with further breaking down the food.

Using Himalayan Salt in the Bath

Soaking in a Himalayan salt bath can do wonders for rejuvenating your skin. Your skin soaks up minerals contained in the salt and offers various benefits. For instance, the zinc prevents scarring, while the chromium combats acne, and the sulphur is useful for keeping your skin smooth. The magnesium in the salt which is absorbed by your body can help with soothing soft tissues and cramping muscles.

Using Himalayan Salt as A natural Therapy for Respiratory Issues

Salt therapy involves using pure Himalayan salt for treating respiratory issues. The person sits in a room that is filled with salt-rich air. Once the salty air is inhaled, the salt particles moves through the respiratory system and the antimicrobial and antibacterial components of the salt cleans your sinuses and lungs.

This salt therapy is often used for treating chest congestion and seasonal allergies. You can also try a Neti pot which involves warm salty water running through your nasal cavities, cleaning them. Himalayan salts is useful for killing bacteria and then bonding with the contaminants to eradicate them from your body.

Purifying The Air

Himalayan salt lamps are not just used as air purifiers, but their natural glow adds unique beauty to your home. Some of my friends use them as night lights inntheir childrens bedrooms. These lamps lure the moisture from the air and evaporates it due to the warmth of the salt surface. This process of evaporation generates negative ions which reacts with positive charges that is carried by dust, pollen, pollutants, dirt, and allergens, and neutralises them.


I hope you have found this post about pink Himalayan salt uses and benefits interesting. Himalayan salt seems to be a healthier alternative to table salt and is among the one of the best natural healers that has been gifted to us from Mother earth.

Have you been using Himalayan salt and has it benefited you in any way? Be sure to share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

Sending healing loving vibes,


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