5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps

You may have heard of Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps before and that it can help you in various ways. Here is a list of really good reasons to get one, and why I had two in my life.

5 benefits of himalayan salt rock lamps

5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps

Provide relief for Hay Fever

I picked up hay fever when I lived in France in 2004. I had it for 10 years before I found out that two very easy steps can eliminate this irritant quite easily and effectively from your life. The first is a Himalayan salt lamp, and the second is raw honey made in your local area.

What I did

I had one salt lamp on at my desk at work and the other I have left on while I slept at night. I also ate a teaspoon of raw honey everyday without fail. You can either eat it just like that, or mix it into yoghurt.

Just by adding these two simple steps into my daily routine and doing this for about 6-8 months, cured my hay fever. I still had hay fever in 2014, the year I started doing this. However in 2015 when everyone else started sneezing and dishing out eye drops and hay fever tablets, I suddenly realised I had no symptoms. To date the hay fever has not come back which I’m very happy about!

Increases Productivity and Energy Levels

Lets be honest, most of us are using some kind of electronic device almost daily, whether its a smart phone, laptop, TV or tablet. Most electronic devices emit positive ions. Positive ions decrease productivity and energy levels. A Himalayan Salt Lamp emits negative ions into the air which will help counteract the positive ions.

There are questions surrounding this, for example; “Do negative ions eliminate the positive ions?” Or, “Do they just decrease the positive ions enough for us to notice a difference?” For me personally? I see a noticeable difference, especially on those days that I’ve used my salt lamp compared to the days I haven’t. That is proof enough for me.

pink lamp

Night Light

If your little one is not quite ready to sleep in complete darkness, or you need to check up on your baby during the night, a himalayan salt lamp emits a really soft warm glow, that is both comforting and practical (see above). If the glow is too bright, you can always tuck it safely away behind something or if you want more of the light to reach into the room, put it up on a shelf for maximum pink glowing light.

Improves Breathing

I have recently purchased a Himalayan Salt Inhaler and I can already feel the difference after just 20 minutes of use. So, there is definitely some truth in the fact that Himalayan salt can improve your breathing, or help clear your nasal passages to a degree.

The question whether or not the salt lamp can have the same effect is still being debated. Some people say yes definitely while others say there is no evidence to back this up.

I have felt the benefits of the inhaler so I find it hard to believe that the salt lamp is not contributing to a person breathing easier. However, I do think that this is more evident if you’ve had your salt rock lamp on for a number of hours. Switching it on for 10 or 15 minutes is not going to have the desired effect that you’re after.

Better Quality Sleep

Not everyone has the luxury of sleeping with their windows open, or leaving their windows open while they’re at work to get some fresh air in before they go to bed. Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp on all night will help you have a better nights sleep because it is constantly emitting negative ions into the air. I find that I wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day if I’ve kept the salt lamp on the night before.


I hope you have found this helpful and informative. Are you thinking of getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Or do you have one already and have noticed other benefits of it that have not been mentioned above? Please leave your comments below.

Much Love and Healthy, Happy Living!



2 Replies to “5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps”

  1. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, this is the first time that I have heard about this salt and what you have shared is pretty amazing. Who would ever thought that you could get all of these benefits from salt? I am sure that your readers will find what you are sharing to be most helpful.

    1. Hi Norman, 

      Thank you! Yes, Himalayan salt never ceases to amaze me! And these benefits are just from the salt lamps, using Himalayan salt in your food instead of normal table salt has added benefits. I will be writing another article about the actual salt soon, watch this space! 

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