10 Physical Signs of Depression Worth Knowing

In today’s post, I am sharing 10 physical signs of depression that are worth knowing. As you know, our mental health and wellbeing can have an effect on our physical health.

Often, this can manifest in physical symptoms that sometimes go unnoticed. Good mental health is pivotal to overall wellness and living a fulfilling life. Here are some of the physical signs of depression that you might have been experiencing but didn’t know the reason behind them.

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10 Physical Signs of Depression Worth Knowing

1. Painful Joints and Muscles

If you have been experiencing lingering aches and pains in your joints and muscles, it could be linked to depression. Individuals who suffer from depression are more likely to experience ongoing pain because depression can lead to aches since the two health conditions have similar chemical messengers in your brain.

2. Feelings of Restlessness and Agitation

Sleep issues or other depression-related signs can lead to these feelings. Men are typically more prone to experience irritability when they have depression.

3. Headaches

People living with depression often have migraines and headaches. Ongoing headaches linked to stress and muscle aches can result in depressive symptoms. If you suffer from depression, it could be the underlying medical cause of headaches.

According to the National Headache Foundation, secondary headaches, also called tension headaches can manifest as a symptom of depression.

4. Having Trouble Sleeping

Depression not only impacts the body but also the mind. If you are having issues with falling asleep or waking up intermittently, it could be due to depression. However, some people might get too much sleep. It can differ from one person to the next.

5. Sexual Issues

The last thing that many people want to think about when they are depressed, is sex. Certain prescription meds can help treat depression and rekindle your libido and sexual performance. Speak to your physician if you think it could be the reason for your bedroom issues.

6. Digestive Issues

Your digestive system has a strong connection to your brain. This is why many people feel nauseous or get stomach cramps when they feel worried or stressed. Depression can influence your gut, causing symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and indigestion.

7. Back Pain

If you have frequent back pain it could be because of depression. People with depression are more prone to experience back or neck pain due to tension.

8. Tiredness and Exhaustion

Have you been suffering from constant fatigue and exhaustion with not enough energy to fulfill daily tasks, even if you are getting enough shuteye? It could be a sign of depression.

9. Chest Pain

Chest pain could be due to many reasons, for example, stomach issues, lung, or heart problems. It is worth paying a visit to your doctor to rule them out. However, chest pains are also linked to depression which can increase your risk of heart disease.

10. Weight Fluctuations or Changes in Appetite

Some people might snack more than usual or experience a loss of appetite because they are depressed. This could lead to weight loss or gain, in addition to a lack of energy. Depression has been associated with eating disorders like anorexia, binge eating, or bulimia.

Exercise and Depression

Research implies that frequent exercise can improve your mood and lower your sensitivity to pain. When you work out, your body releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, subsequently improving your mood.

It can be challenging to exercise when you are feeling depressed and lack energy. However, it could help with easing fatigue, help you sleep better, and improve depressive thoughts. It might not be a cure, but it can make you feel better.


I hope you have found this article about 10 signs of depression insightful. If you suspect you have depression and are experiencing some of these symptoms as a result, there are ways to manage depression. Reach out to your doctor or an experienced medical professional to help with a treatment plan.

Sending you lots of love, light, and mood-lifting vibes.


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