5 Health Benefits of Social Interaction for Overall Wellbeing

Today we will be exploring 5 health benefits of social interaction. Throughout our lives we engage in various opportunities to shape and maintain relationships. Some of them cultivate and mature with us, while some of them stagnate due to changing life circumstances. It is not always to remain in touch with family and friends due to lockdown, a busy lifestyle, or some moving away.

However, maintaining good relationships becomes even more crucial as you get older because so many elderly persons fall into loneliness and isolation, which can have an immense impact on physical and mental health. These issues can include heart disease, dementia, and even dementia.

Even though relationships and circumstances change, it is vital to retain social interaction and to engage in social activities that promote overall wellbeing. Relationship building as well as social interaction can be immensely beneficial for physical, emotional and mental health.


5 Health Benefits of Social Interaction for Overall Wellbeing

Individuals who make a cognisant effort to stay socially active and frequently engage in relationships are known to reap multiple health benefits. Studies have revealed that socially active individuals have the following in common:

Enhanced Physical Health

People who regularly engage in relationships are typically more active, which means their physical health improves through being socially active. In addition, they also feel more motivated to engage in physical activity to maintain good health and to keep up with peers.

Improved Immune System

Research reveals that socially active people have improved immune systems, permitting them to better combat colds, flus, and other health-impacting ailments, more comfortably. They also tend to follow healthier eating habits. Enjoying a meal with others can result in making healthier food choices.

A More Optimistic Outlook on Life

Staying in contact with others makes you feel more connected to the rest of the world and boost your sense of belonging. Frequently checking in on friends or family and generating intentional connections with others, can boost your mood and lead to a more optimistic outlook on life.

Boosted Mental Sharpness

Engaging with others and keeping your brain active can sharpen your mind and lower the risk of cognitive decline, particularly in seniors.

Living a Longer and Happier Life

By following an active social lifestyle, it could help with prolonging your lifespan and living a happier and more fulfilled life. Having a solid support circle with loved ones and friends can be immensely beneficial.

We all need friends or family that understands what we are going through and to offer support, even if it is just by listening, giving us a hug, or reassuring us that they are there for us, when we need them.

3 Activities for Promoting Social Interactions

There are various opportunities in your community that you can engage in that will allow you to connect with others. Make a mindful effort to stay socially active by trying one or more of the following activities:


Volunteering is such an easy method for connecting with your community. Find a cause that you feel passionate about and find out how you can contribute. Volunteer opportunities are available in various forms, from administrative assistance to event help. Use your individual talents and skills to stand behind a cause that you believe in and to contribute in a way that feels comfortable.


Consider Joining a Club

Clubs bring individuals with similar interests closer, no matter their personal circumstances. You can meet new friends by joining a club that supports your interests. Whether it is a book club, or a gardening club, or meeting once a week to play cards, whatever makes you happy, you can utilize it to meet kindred spirits.

Taking a Class

Many communities or neighbourhoods have courses that you can take through the community center. Classes can involve anything from cooking, to fitness, art, dancing, and more. Find one that best caters for your interests and join. Not only will you perfect an existing skill or learn a new one, you are bound to meet new friends while doing so.


Taken from a social anxiety point of view as well as from humans being a very tactile race needing interaction and love, social interaction is something we all need in our lives.

This could be anything from a touch, to a hug,  or a cuddle with a loved one.

The importance of being around others and interacting with them, sharing good times or bad times,  and being there for one another, is undeniable.

This can be a little difficult to do during various lockdowns, but be creative of how to show someone you care. Send them a simple text to say you are thinking of them. Send them something small in the post. Make that phone call or face time them. Create space to spend time with someone even if you cannot physically spend time with them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 5 benefits of social interaction for overall wellbeing.

Sending you much love, light, and wholesome social vibes.


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