6 Characteristics of Earth Angels and What Are They?

In today’s post, I will be sharing six characteristics of earth angels and provide you with a bit more detail about what they are. Have you ever met a person or persons that seemed to have souls that are so magnetic that you are simply drawn to them? They signify everything that is good, loving, and full of light. These individuals could have been earth angels.

What Are Earth Angels?

Earth angels are human beings that are loving, highly sensitive, and emphatic. They have a strong calling to help those in need, are natural givers, and are highly connected to their higher soul. It is almost like they were placed on earth with the sole purpose of making a difference and shining brightly.

They are not actual angels in a celestial sense, but rather share matching characteristics. Earth angels are inspirational, helpful, provide healing, and are sources of hope. They always see the good in others, are optimistic, and spread positive vibes wherever they go.  In some instances, they are referred to as spiritual healers, guides, and lightworkers.

earth angels

6 Characteristics of Earth Angels

They Are Highly Sensitive

Earth angels do not tolerate negative energies – things like hate, violence, or pain. For them, noisy environments or crowded places can be an issue and leave them feeling drained, wiped out, and frazzled.

Their personal mantra is “why can’t we all just get along?”. Because of their immense sensitivity, they tend to seek out the solace of their homes and shield themselves from the overstimulating, overbearing and often rushed outside world.

They Care Deeply for Others

Earth Angels have one purpose – a deep calling to help those who need it. They simply don’t know another way of living. They will drop everything in an instant to lend a helping hand or listening ear.

They Love Solitary Time

This is vital for them since they need time to recharge their energy. Spending quiet and alone time brings healing and replenishment and is an integral part of an earth angel’s daily regime. They use this time to rebalance their energies and nurture their soul.

They Follow Their Own Path

Earth angels tend to follow their own path and do not follow traditional ways of doing and thinking just because they are told to do so. They seek their own truth and don’t follow the same path as everybody else because society dictates it.

They are pulled towards purpose and live by their own set of rules. This is why they often do well in humanitarian professions like massage therapists, counselors, or acupuncturists. Some see themselves as healers and will follow a career that fuels their passion.

They Possess Formidable Intuition

When they are faced with different situations, they often draw from their intuition and emotions when making certain life decisions. They listen to their inner voice and use that to guide them in their decision-making process.

They are exceptional at deciphering and reading divine messages and often use it as guidance when needing help or making choices. They have a distinctive belief that the Universe and angels will deliver precisely what is needed at the right time in order to help them live the best possible life. They usually are highly spiritual.

They Don’t Always Adapt Well to The Modern World

Earth angels don’t always feel connected with the inhabitants of the modern world and the ideals they have. They often consider themselves to be old souls who do not chase materialism. They believe that their time on earth is solely for a more enlightened and higher purpose.

However, they still believe that everything and everyone is interconnected. They especially value their connection to nature, the animals, the trees, the air, and the land. When an earth angel feels out of sorts, they will retreat to nature and earth to recharge and recalibrate.


I hope you have found this post about six characteristics of earth angels interesting and insightful. Do you suspect you know or have met an earth angel before? Or maybe you are one? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments.

Sending you much love, light, and divine kindness.



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