5 Kinds of Soul Mates

In today’s post, I will be sharing five kinds of soul mates you might have met or encountered in your life. Have you ever met someone, and it feels like you’ve known them forever? Or sometimes you meet a person or animal, and you feel an instant connection or bond.

In other instances, you meet someone that has a profound influence on your life, but they passed on or circumstances don’t allow for a long-term relationship or friendship. It is almost like they came into your life at that specific moment to serve a particular purpose or to help you get through this phase or time period.

Here are five kinds of soul mates explained. Let’s see how many you can recognize and had the pleasure to know, even if it was only for a brief moment.

5 Kinds of Soul Mates

kinds of soul mates

Soul Partner

Some souls you have a connection with during this lifetime. They are the most commonplace kind of soul mate and are called soul partners. It could mean best friends, raising kids together, starting a business together, or in-laws. A soul partner can be someone that you have known your entire life or even someone you have only known for a short period.

Soul partners support you professionally, emotionally, or help you with a goal that you want to fulfill during your time on earth. Soul partners signify how intricately and beautifully our lives are intertwined.

Soul Tie

A soul tie is a person that you sense is brought into your life for a specific reason. For instance, you were not planning to have a pet but suddenly a friend needs to find a good home for their cat because they are moving overseas or somewhere where they can’t keep pets.

For some reason your psychic pathway makes you feel like you need to step in and give the cat a home. When you take him in, he settles in nicely and you have a connection with him. Soul ties are basically invisible ties that bind.

Companion Soul Mate

A soul mate does not necessarily have a romantic connection with you. A soul mate can be your best friend. The person plays an integral part in your life and means the world to you. A soul mate offers support when you need it, love, encouragement, and always has your back.

Soul mate friends might enter your life for only a short period, or long-term, but they offer soul nourishment when you need it the most. Just like your body needs water and food to survive, your soul needs a soul companion to flourish.

Kindred Spirit

People often mistake kindred spirits with soul mates, but they are two different entities. A kindred spirit is someone that understands you, has similar interests, and often the same spiritual beliefs. It’s almost like they share your thoughts or can finish your sentences for you. It might be someone who went through the same life experiences as you.

A soul mate is important and might have your back at all times, but they do not necessarily share the same beliefs as you or have the same interests. However, you can have a soul mate that is also a kindred spirit. A kindred person is your “person”, someone that understands you completely. They know your emotions by just looking at you without you having to say a word.

Romantic Soul Mate

When you fall in love with a person or engage in a romantic relationship, the possibility exists that you will partner with them, sometimes for life. A romantic soul mate gives you the opportunity to grow, heal, and learn just by sharing your life. They have a significant influence on your life and emotions. Even in the healthiest or happiest relationships, they can challenge you in ways like no one else can.

A partnership like this means two souls are entwined and share a deep connection, however not in a needy way. They meet each other’s needs equally and move away from selfishness and towards giving. The person becomes a part of you and will leave a lasting impression. You can think of him or her as your life traveler.


I hope that you have found this post about the different kinds of soul mates insightful. Did you recognize some of these soulmates? Are you fortunate enough to share your life with one or more? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to tell me about your experiences in the comments.

Sending you much love, light, and soul-nurturing vibes.


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