6 Common Types of Earth Angels

In today’s article, I will be sharing six common types of earth angels, which is a follow-up article on the topic from last week, characteristics of earth angels, and what they are. Earth angels come in different forms, and maybe you are one of them. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of earth angels and how to identify them.

6 Common Types of Earth Angels

types of earth angels

Healer Earth Angel

Healer earth angels are generally drawn to those with difficulties or suffering and enjoy fulfillment from assisting them. It does not necessarily mean following professions or roles you would typically consider as healers.

A healer earth angel might be an accountant or life coach that helps people with financial or life matters. Every time a healer earth angel helps someone, they experience a bit of healing themselves. Helping others doesn’t always mean fixing them. It simply means sharing their assistance, expertise, or guidance to help others with their healing process.

Listener Earth Angel

Because earth angels have a natural gift as far as clairsentient psychic pathways are concerned, they don’t find it challenging to sympathize or empathize with others. It is because they feel other’s people’s emotions as if they were their own. People usually tend to share their deep personal problems with listener earth angels.

Their natural ability to be understanding, not judgemental, and compassionate makes people open up to them more easily. Listener earth angels usually quickly create intimate bonds with people they’ve just met. They have friends from different walks of life and backgrounds for which they provide a loving, safe, and grounded space to share.

Nature Earth Angel

Natural earth angels share a deep connection with all things nature; some are referred to as guardians of nature. They usually live in the mountains, on a farm, or the beach. They feel passionate about creating a more sustainable, green world that protects nature. Spending time in the outdoors or spaces where nature elements like trees and flowers surround them makes them feel grounded, expansive and calm.

Animal Earth Angel

The name suggests it – they share a special bond with animals and feel they can communicate and understand them in a remarkable way. These earth angels often volunteer at animal sanctuaries or animal shelters which is an essential part of their life purpose.

They have a unique affinity for connecting with the souls of animals. They find it profoundly upsetting when animals are not treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Creative Earth Angel

These earth angels are usually engineers, painters, or musicians – basically doing creative things with the purpose of healing or helping others. They pay special attention to what they share with the world and what they put into their creative activities. Their primary purpose in life is to have a positive influence through their art. They usually have lots of creative ideas and are naturally inventive.

Caregiver Earth Angel

Caregiver earth angels feel alive and find fulfillment by helping other living beings, whether caring for plants or people. What we might find exhausting nourishes them. They have a deep affinity for others and offer support where possible. They are generally appreciated and deeply admired by those they support and assist.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about these six common types of earth angels. Earth angels exist in various forms, but I’ve only highlighted six of the more commonplace ones. Are you an earth angel, or do you know someone that might be one? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Please share your experiences with me.

Sending you much love, light, and healing sensations.



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