14 Worst and Best Drinks For Losing Weight

My post today covers fourteen worst and best drinks for losing weight. As you know, everything you eat or drink makes a difference when it comes to weight loss and counting calories. Not everything in this post is necessarily bad for you. And just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean there aren’t any delicious and quenching drinks out there that you can’t enjoy.

This post is not about avoiding everything but more about having a good balance. There’s no reason why you cannot indulge in your favourite cappuccino every now and again or relax with a glass of wine. It all depends on you. Moderation is key – you can have that glass of wine or drink your favourite soda once in a while.

Just be mindful when you do enjoy them that they do contain more calories than other alternatives. If you are on a strict diet and every calorie counts, then maybe try a few weeks to go without your comfort beverages until you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Then, as a reward, you can have your favourite not-so-healthy drinks occasionally. Selecting the right beverage can make all the difference in curbing your appetite and cutting calories.

14 Worst and Best Drinks For Losing Weight

drinks for losing weight

Best Drinks For Losing Weight

Green Tea

Green tea is a fantastic choice when you need a bit of a boost and are struggling to shed those excess pounds. Green tea contains zero calories, and some research suggests it can promote weight loss. The catechins and caffeine content may have something to do with it. Try to aim for at least two cups a day.

Black Coffee

For a caffeine boost, it’s best to drink a cup of black coffee instead of energy or sugar-laden soda drinks. Black coffee is packed with healthy antioxidants, and it is calorie-free. Drinking 3-4 cups of joe daily may even boost your mood and concentration. It might also reduce the risk of certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.


We all know it – not only do we need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day for good health, water still remains the best drink for speeding your metabolism and helping you feel full quicker.

Vegetable Juice

Instead of only sticking to fruit juice, have you ever opted for vegetable juice? Tomato juice, for instance, only has 41 calories compared to orange juice, which has 122 calories. Vegetable juice contains less sodium which is a good choice for those with high blood pressure.

Skimmed or Soy Milk

They really don’t taste the same as full cream milk, but they are a healthier option. They contain fewer calories, and they pack a good nutrition punch.

Worst Drinks for Losing Weight


Different wines contain varied alcohol content and calories. A typical glass contains about 100 calories. You can reduce your calorie intake by mixing it with no-calorie drinks. For instance, half a glass of wine mixed with half a glass of soda water or regular water. This way, you can still enjoy your glass of wine with half the calorie content.


Smoothies can be a healthy choice, given that you make them yourself and know what is in them. For instance, you can make your own healthy smoothie with blueberries, bananas, and strawberries blended with almond or skimmed milk. Restaurant-bought smoothies often contain things like cream, ice cream, and sweeteners like honey to enhance the taste, but are not ideal when you’re counting calories.

Carbonated Soda Drinks

These drinks are made up of countless empty calories. You can cut calories by switching to diet soda drinks, but it’s always best to substitute them with healthier choices like soda water or vegetable juice instead.

Certain Fruit Juices

Always check the labels on fruit juices. Some are packed with sugar and calories. Check for 100% fruit juice with no added sweeteners. You can also cut calories by mixing half a glass of fruit juice with half a glass of water.


If a beverage is labelled alcohol-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is calorie-free. Mocktails can contain loads of calories and sugar, depending on the fruit juices used for making them. Opt for ones that contain flavoured sparkling water and spices and herbs instead of sweeteners.


Nothing beats an ice-cold beer on a warm summer’s day, but if you are watching your weight, even light beer can contain as much as 100 calories or more. Standard beer typically contains 150 calories. Special craft beers contain even more.

Specialty Coffee

Beverages like a vanilla latte or Caffe mocha contain anything from 200 or 300 calories or more. If you want to indulge in a cup of specialty coffee, try to substitute whipped cream with skimmed milk and look for varieties with sugarless syrups.

Energy Drinks

While the main ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine, some of them contain herbal supplements, creatine, vitamins, and sugar. Check for ones that contain no added sugar for taste enhancement.


Party beverages like mai tais or margaritas have high-calorie content, especially if you’re not preparing them yourself. The best thing to do with cocktails is to skip sugar-laden mixers like fruit juice or carbonated drinks. Also, keep in mind that vodka contains 70 to 100 calories. So, if you want to cut calories, choose a spice-infused vodka, or enjoy it with a mixer that contains little to no calories.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. I hope you have found this post about 14 worst and best drinks for losing weight insightful and that it will benefit you in your weight loss journey.

Sending you much love, light, and calorie-mindful vibes.


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