The Mysterious Appeal of Energy Crystals – 5 Popular Healing Stones

In today’s fast-paced and stressful times, many people utilize tools to keep them grounded and reduce stress levels. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that supplemental therapies such as crystal healing have gained popularity.

The idea of using energy crystals for healing has been around for centuries, and even celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham are open about believing in the practice. Accessibility to these coveted crystals has become trouble-free thanks to social media and online shopping. But let’s delve deeper into the exciting and mysterious world of energy crystals and their healing characteristics.

What Crystals Are

Crystals are essentially a combination of minerals that individuals use to bring forth realignment, purification, and equalization through working with their bioenergetic systems. These beautiful and sometimes rare gemstones are exquisite and continue to inspire creativity and capture the imagination.  They are most commonly used in jewelry pieces, religious or spiritual practices, and meditation. These stones are semi-rare, some bright colors while others are clear. They have become one of the most admired trends in complementary medicine.

Some believe that holding or placing crystals on specific areas of your body can offer mental and physical health benefits by interacting with your body’s energy field. Many individuals utilize crystals to improve focus and reduce stress, while others use it as an alternative remedy for treating illness and ailments.

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The History of Crystal Healing

Crystals have a rich history of being utilized for well-being. For instance, the use of amber for wellness and protection can be traced back 10,000 years. In Egypt, the following stones were used in rituals and for medicinal use.

  • Turquoise
  • Quartz
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Carnelian
  • Emerald

Leonardo da Vinci supposedly kept an Amethyst gemstone on his desk to accelerate thinking and dispel evil thoughts.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Energy Crystals

Most popularly, crystals have been linked with emotional stability and spirituality; however, they can offer advantages for physical wellness, too. The divine trio of mind, body, and spirit are all connected and impact your overall wellness. That is why calling on crystal power, with its high vibrations and aptitude for dispersing bad energy, can be highly beneficial for a long and fulfilling life.

The suggested healing advantages of crystals primarily surround mental well-being. Some of the benefits include natural pain relief, feelings of improved tranquility, and boosted focus and positivity. The different types of crystals all have unique energies and characteristics that you can apply to various areas of your life.

Complementary Medicine

Many within the supplementary medicine community believe in the healing powers of crystals. A commonplace belief they share is that the stones interact with your body’s energy field, which is referred to as “ vibrational energy”. It is believed that crystals can convey and re-channel energy using their exceptional energetic vibrations and assist your body with unblocking certain areas of your energy field that become immovable. As these crystal vibrations interrelate with your body’s biological energetic frequency, you are left feeling more relaxed, focused, and clear-minded.

Crystals and Mental Health Disorders

Some individuals utilize crystals for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. No scientific proof exists that crystals can impact emotions, energy, or mental health; therefore, they should be used as complementary treatments and not replace doctor or psychologist-prescribed medicines. Instead, use them as supportive aids to keep you grounded and centered, not as treatment.

Improved Outlook or Mood

Crystals can be beneficial when you’re going through stressful times or are feeling down. Just like offering support for mental health problems, crystals can do wonders for improving mood. They are believed to arouse feelings of:

  • Connection
  • Purpose
  • Grounding
  • Spiritual insight
  • A sense of something bigger than yourself

This largely contributes to your relationship to the crystal rather than the gemstone itself.

Illness and Natural Pain Relief

While certain crystal practitioners recommend using crystals as supportive assistance with physical ailments, the theory is not backed by scientific studies. They do not prescribe crystals for treating injury or illness; many use them as supportive aids in the healing process. Always follow your doctor’s guidance for chronic pain, physical injuries, or health issues.


Meditation and crystals are frequently used simultaneously to reap the positive effects they offer. For example, mindful meditation had a more significant impact on lessening anxiety in adolescents, according to a 2021 study. The study also revealed that mindful meditation was incredibly advantageous for psychosis symptoms. If you believe in the beneficial power of crystals, using them as part of your meditation practice can be an excellent combination.

There are many ways to meditate with crystals – including this one:

  • Cleansing and charging your crystals before using – you can place the crystal in sunlight or moonlight.
  • Grounding and connecting to your body, using deep breathing techniques.
  • Quieting your mind and focusing on your intention for the meditation (asking the crystal for support) for 5-10 minutes.
  • Closing your practice by showing gratitude towards the crystal and reverting your attention back to your external environment.

5 Popular Energy Crystals Used For Healing Purposes


Agate comes in various colors, including brown, blue, black, and green. The impurities and banding patterns of the stone contribute to the gem’s unique color palette. Agate has been around for thousands of years and utilized across different civilizations and cultural communities. This one-of-a-kind crystal originates from volcanic activity, where layers of minerals and silica gradually create intricate patterns that give the stone its idiosyncratic appearance. Culturally, Egyptians, Native American tribes, and Greeks frequently used this gemstone for spiritual rituals and protection.

These ancient civilizations acknowledged the appeal of agate and often showcased its natural beauty by wearing jewelry pieces adorned with agate. It was also a popular stone for crafting exclusive ornaments because of its elegant aesthetic value and durable nature. Agate is thought of to encompass several metaphysical characteristics, including boosting mental clarity, promoting emotional strength, and providing inner peace.


Amethyst, with its attractive purple hues, is considered one of the most serene stones. It is believed to offer relief for all kinds of ailments and pains, in particular, migraines and headaches. In addition, it promotes healthy sleep and can help individuals who are trying to manage addictions like alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and smoking. Amethyst has a soothing effect and can be worn close to your body while meditating to get rid of tension.

Amethyst crystals are natural tranquilizers and can help with stress relief, soothing irritability, dispelling negative energy, and easing anxiety or irritability. Some use it for alleviating grief and sadness. This unique stone can also activate spiritual awareness, boost psychic abilities, and open intuition.


Citrine features a delightful translucent yellow hue and is believed to emancipate fear, depression, and phobias. It balances emotional well-being while recharging and energizing the body. It can also help regulate chemical imbalances and reverse degenerative illness. For physical health, many use it for stimulating digestion, the pancreas, and the spleen, and offers supplementary support for diabetes treatment. You can use citrine crystals when you’re feeling down and depressed for an emotional lift. This gemstone can restore mental and physical balance, making you feel your old self again.


Carnelian is an exquisite and versatile crystal with its reddish-orange tones. It typically originates from India and is known for elevating energy and creativity while providing protection. If you’re lacking motivation, whether it’s for your mind or body, and are looking for a crystal that gives your energy levels a boost, then Carnelian is worth a try. It can also alleviate fertility issues and blood circulation.


When polished, selenite has a smooth, pale appearance. While this gemstone is most commonly used for spiritual or sacred practices, it can also go a long way in contributing to physical health. Selenite keeps your body aligned, supports the skeletal system, and helps reverse cell degeneration due to free radical damage. When your body and mind need a pick-me-up, selenite can be advantageous by restoring balance. It is also believed to be beneficial for skin,  heart, and hair health.

Final Thoughts

Many individuals believe the primary benefit of energy crystals is their metaphysical capabilities. However, they are also exceptionally beautiful, which is why they are used for making ornaments and jewelry pieces. Mala or crystal prayer beads can be worn on your wrist or close to your heart to encourage hope, peace, positivity, and courage. They offer an excellent way to reap the healing powers of energy crystals.

Wearing crystal jewelry allows you to incorporate the gemstones into your daily wardrobe and lifestyle. There are so many jewelry options, and each stone’s unique beauty can be showcased. However, it’s essential to buy genuine crystals that are ethically sourced. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post about these versatile and breathtaking gifts of nature. Remember, It can take thousands of years for some crystals to form, which means not all are abundantly found. If you are buying a rare crystal, be sure to ask the seller for a certificate of authenticity.


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