7 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Summer


Summer is perfect for pool parties, days at the beach, relaxing and vacation, but it is also the perfect time for looking after your skin. Long hours spent in dry, hot, or humid weather can impact your skin in a different way than those colder and darker winter days. Today, I will be sharing my ultimate skincare tips for summer to ensure you are making the best of the sunny days but also take care of your skin while doing so.

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Effective Homemade Bug Spray Recipes – Made With Natural Ingredients


Nothing beats summer with flowers blooming everywhere, warm weather, picnics in the garden and getting some much needed vitamin D. Unfortunately, with summer, you also have to deal with bugs. Today, I am sharing easy homemade bug spray recipes for your yard and skin that are natural and friendly to the environment. These recipes are not just effective, but they are also safe to use.

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