15 Clever Christmas Shopping Hacks To Save Money

Today I am sharing 15 clever Christmas shopping hacks to help you prepare for the holiday season and save some money. With Christmas and New Year celebrations just around the corner, there are various things you can do to simplify the holiday season while making your life a little easier and avoiding falling into the debt trap.

15 Clever Christmas Shopping Hacks To Save Money

1. Create a Budget

Most households spend a ton of money on holiday travel expenses, Christmas gift and food shopping, and other holiday expenses. However, if you spend recklessly, you’ll find yourself with an empty wallet and a ton of debt – not exactly a great way to start the new year.

Determine your spending limit ahead of time by looking at your income and expenses and set a budget. Remember to stick to it as well, otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of having one in the first place.

christmas shopping hacks

2. Create a Shopping List and Stick to it

Once you’ve set your holiday budget, make provision for each person on your Christmas shopping list and other household or holiday season expenses. Be sure to stick to the allocated amount when shopping for gifts, food, and paying end-of-the-month expenses. This can go a long way in preventing overspending.

3. Avoid Waiting Until The Last Minute

We know that feeling when we feel overwhelmed with so much to do and buy and the holiday season is upon us. When we feel desperate and rushed, we often end up spending too much money on expensive last-minute gifts and items.

It’s not easy to stick to your budget when you’ve waited until the last minute. Be prepared and take your time while shopping to ensure you’re making smart buying decisions.

4. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

There are plenty of videos on Youtube for making your own Christmas decorations out of candy canes, popsicle sticks, pinecones, and other materials. You can get the whole family involved to get your creative juices flowing and put your crafting skills to good use.

5. Purchase Stocking Fillers as You Go

It helps to check at bargain bins and discount stores for stocking fillers throughout the year. This will avoid spending too much money on knick-knacks for stockings just before Christmas.

6. Be on The Lookout For Online Coupons

There are several online coupon websites where you can find discount codes to help you get online purchases at discount prices. Just keep in mind that coupon sites often interfere with earnings from cashback sites. Remember the last link you should click before making a purchase is from the cashback app you are using.

7. Make DIY Christmas Cards and Postcards

Purchasing holiday cards and paying postage stamps can start adding up. To save some money, you can find stunning designs on Canva to make your own postcards or Xmas cards with family photos to print out and mail to family and friends. You can also use your crafting skills to make fun Christmas cards at home.

8. Consider Organising a Gift Exchange

Instead of shopping for gifts for co-workers and friends, why not organise a white elephant or secret Santa gift exchange? This way everyone only must buy one gift instead of several. Everyone will be receiving a gift while having some fun. You can make each person guess who their gift came from before opening their presents. The process is fair because every person can choose a gift themselves from the pile.

9. Compare Prices Online With Google Shopping

You might have stumbled upon a great deal on an item; however, it might not be the best one online. To make sure you are getting the best discounted price, you can do a price check on Google shopping. Just type the product name into Google shopping and use a filter to find the lowest available price tag. Also, look at things like return policies and shipping fees before making your final decision. And remember to shop from reputable retailers only.

10. Take Advantage of Free Returns and Shipping

When doing online shipping, it’s best to always factor in return and shipping fees. When comparing prices from retailers look at these important factors. Purchase from reputable retailers that offer free in-store or online returns. You don’t want to be stuck with return shipping costs after you have already spent your set holiday budget.

11. Consider Shopping From Secondhand Retailers, Apps, and Websites

Investing in second-hand gifts benefits your wallet and the environment. Look on sites like eBay for home items, electronics, and apparel. You might stumble upon great items at budget-friendly prices. Remember to check customer reviews for different retailers to make sure the seller is reputable.

12. Purchase Handmade Gifts

There is something about handmade items that just makes them more endearing and thoughtful. There are so many beautiful items listed on sites like Etsy and Amazon that makes for one-of-a-kind gifts that are not necessarily costing an arm and a leg. Some sellers even provide customisable gifts that will make the recipient feel extra special.

13. Consider Loyalty Program Subscriptions

Many online sellers and retailers have loyalty programs in place that offer exclusive discounts just for registering with your email address. You can save as much as 10-15% just for subscribing. You can also have access to special sales, exclusive discounts, and coupons which can go a long way in saving when shopping for holiday gifts.

14. Do not Fall For The Impulse-Buying Trap

With all the excellent pre-holiday discounts at your disposal, it might be tempting to buy things that are not on your list. Remember all the little impulse purchases here and there eventually add up. If it is not something you need now, it’s best to wait until it is on special at a later stage.

15. Don’t Forget About New Customer Discounts

Several retailers offer discounts for first-time shoppers, so keep these in mind when comparing prices from different stores. If it is not possible to get gifts on sale or at discounted prices, then consider shopping from retailers that you have not bought from before. You might get a discount between 10-15% which can really help you stay within your budget.

Final Thoughts

If you want to survive the holiday season financially and avoid drowning in debt when you reach the new year, these 15 clever Christmas shopping hacks to save money will most certainly help you reach your goal.

Sending you much love, light, and holiday season vibes!




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