What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

Last night I had what some people may call a nightmare. A dream that started out fine, almost as though it would turn into quite the adventure! And then it just went spiralling out of control. I woke up in a cold sweat and unable to close my eyes without seeing the same image again. I ended up being attacked by three guys and I was helpless to stop it from happening. Later I asked some close friends ‘What do dreams really mean?’ because this one terrified me. Was it symbolic? Was it a premonition? Why did I have this specific dream?

**Full Disclosure: This post has been written from my own personal experiences, I have not been paid to write this post**

The Lead up

You know that feeling when you’re so busy with life that you barely have time to come up for air? Where an hour turns into a day in a blink of an eye and the days fly by so fast that they sort of blur into one long day? Well that has been the last few weeks for me. Work has been more fast paced than usual; I’ve been cycling in temperatures below 5 degrees celsius and it has taken its toll on my body; lack of sleep and not having enough time or energy to prepare wholesome meals each day has left me feeling burnt out and lethargic. I climbed into bed last night ready for a good, long, restful night’s sleep; preparing to re-energise my batteries for the next day but unfortunately that never happened.

The Dream

The dream started out quite randomly with me talking to a friend in a public bathroom and; through a door on the side (there’s always a door on the side), I discovered a beautifully decorated bathroom which had a large porcelain Victorian-style bath complete with gold fittings; chiffon curtains draped here and there; super soft white towels to dry my hands and a lush white carpet beneath my feet. Elegance was everywhere.

The next scene I was walking down the steps from the bathroom and getting on my bicycle to cycle off. As I waved goodbye to my friend, I noticed a well-groomed woman in a large white car drive past with the window down. She was listening to a message on her phone as she drove. When I looked back to start peddling, I noticed I was going to start with my left foot which is odd for me as I’m right footed. As I looked up, all of a sudden there were 3 men standing in front of me; one to the left, one directly in front of me and one to the right a bit further away.

They were young men; maybe late teens, early twenties in age. The one on the left – I could tell by his facial expression and body language he didn’t want to be there, he was so uncomfortable, on edge, a little nervous. The man in front of me started talking. He didn’t seem threatening, he was well dressed and had soft dark brown eyes, wavy brown hair; his body language was casual. The third man was more blurred, I couldn’t make out distinct features on him. The man in the middle, he was asking me if we’d met before. I said no and tried to make a move to cycle off. He stepped in front of my bike and blocked my path. I became annoyed and said something to excuse myself and then cycled past him.

All of a sudden his right arm came around my waist and he lifted me off my bicycle. I tried to hold on but the man who was originally on my left, he pulled it away from me. I thought fast and went to reach for my phone to call the Police but the man who was originally on my right, he swiftly grabbed it from me. I fought and struggled to get free but to no avail. Then I felt a blunt object being pushed into my right lower back and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t shout or scream. The paralysis didn’t last long and I tried again to get free but then a second blunt jab in my left lower back made everything go black. I woke up and he was on top of me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t shout or cry out. I just had to endure it.

I became angry and thought ‘I will remember every single detail and I will tell the police everything, these guys will be caught. They will NOT get away with this!’. And that’s when I woke up; my body overheating but covered in a cold sweat, my lower back twinging in pain. I struggled to get back to sleep after that and when I eventually did drift off again it was disjointed sleep and not very comforting.

What Do Rape Dreams Mean?

I never thought I would ever have a dream about rape, but here I am. And if I’ve had one then it means there must be others who have had the same or similar dreams. So what do rape dreams mean? What is the symbolic meaning behind them? What is your soul or your higher self trying to tell you?

Its possible that I feel humiliated or disgusted by a recent experience, or maybe I feel intimidated by a group of people and my soul is trying to warn me about them. Other reasons for experiencing this kind of dream could be related to being used or being lied to. My higher self is asking me to take note of this behaviour, to make sure I’m aware of it so I don’t find myself in the same position or situation again. Its also possible that I may feel powerless in a situation or that I feel hopeless about it; as if I can’t change the outcome no matter what I do.

Find The Silver Lining in Every Cloud

To find the silver lining in this situation; I would look at the dream symbolically and determine which areas in my life I feel threatened or intimidated in and then see if I can change the way I view that situation. Very often in life we cannot change the events that occur but we can change the way we view them. This mindfulness can mean the difference between feeling angry, bitter and resentful or feeling compassionate and accepting towards the situation or the people involved.

What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

I spent some time thinking about this dream and it occurred to me that this is actually the third time I’ve had this dream. The first time I only got as far as the bathroom with my friend. We were having a jovial conversation about something trivial and then I found the plush bathroom through the door on the side. Then the dream ended, that was all there was. The second time the conversation with my friend was shorter and then outside I saw the woman in the car. Except this time she didn’t have a phone in her hand, she looked at me as she drove past and then disappeared. I went to my bicycle and then the dream ended.

The third time was the dream I had last night.  The conversation in the bathroom was now a few short sentences accompanied by a few smiles, and the woman outside in the white car was listening to someone on her phone (I’m sure it was one of my friends actually who was explaining a situation she was dealing with at the time). So the full dream took some time to culminate into its full length and I had no idea that it would take that kind of turn. It really shocked me and took some time for me to come to terms with it all.

So what do recurring dreams mean? Why did I have the same dream 3 times? There are multiple reasons and various stimuli that can cause someone to have recurring dreams. Some people believe that having the same dream over and over means that you have not yet learnt what you need to in life, to be able to ‘move on’. Being able to stop running or hiding from the situation that is causing you this stress or anxiety, facing it head on and finding a way to deal with it will inevitably stop the dream from coming back.

What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

I would love to hear from you, have you experienced the same or a similar kind of dream? What are your thoughts on the dream I had? What have you learnt from previous dreams? If it was a recurring dream, has the dream come back since you faced the situation in your life?

Much love, and may you have the sweetest of dreams tonight!


2 Replies to “What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?”

  1. I believe dreams are really important, they are how you process what your emotions and your thoughts from the day.

    I recently had a horrible dream that really rattled me too, I woke up crying and distressed. I had a miscarriage in January and I have two young children. In my dream I couldn’t find my daughter and everyone I asked couldn’t remember her. I asked my husband and he said “who?” like I was absolutely crazy!

    In my dream it was like the miscarriage I had was really my 6 year old daughter I lost but back in time if that makes sense?

    It was like one of those movies where the mom is made out to be the crazy one and I was freaking out.

    When I told my mother about it she said she has had similar freaky dreams during her life and the feedback she had from someone that it was her inner child she was looking for.

    1. I agree Lynne, dreams are so important. There’s a reason we dream what we do and being aware of this can help us to overcome difficulties in our lives.
      Your dream sounds pretty intense too – very scary and very real. I’m not an expert on dreams but it does sound like the dream you had was related to your miscarriage (sorry to hear about this, I hope your recovery is improving daily).

      Its feasible that a persons dreams can be their inner being/subconscious trying to show them or tell them something. Its fascinating to hear about your mothers’ dreams too, that’s another possibility of why she had those dreams – she may have been looking for her inner child.

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