How To Cope With Losing People And Accepting The Change

In today’s post, I want to share some information on how to cope with losing people and accepting change. In life, we lose people or friends all the time, but we also gain new ones.  Life involves change, ups, and downs and is like a cycle of life.  But how do you deal with these changes positively in order to have peace?

How To Cope With Losing People And Accepting The Change

how to cope with losing people


Even though it’s sad to say goodbye to friends, for whatever reason, there’s always an opportunity for new friendships or relationships.  It may not always be due to a fight you had or anything like that. Maybe what kept the friendship strong is no longer present. It’s possible that you are simply no longer on the same path as them. The similarities or the things you had in common have changed, therefore the friendship ended naturally and gently.

It’s okay to acknowledge the change and even harness it. It means there is now an opening for someone new to enter your life. Making this space lovingly and gently, allows you to invite a new soul or person into your life. It means you are growing and evolving through new experiences.

Change Is a Normal Part of Life

A change in life is normal – this could be any change like relocating to a new house, starting a new job, entering a new relationship, or welcoming a new friend into your circle. The life lesson is all about how we can accept this change, acknowledge it, and decide how we feel about it.

Instead of saying I am so sad about losing this friendship – rather say that you understand this friendship has run its course and you lovingly let that person go, wishing them all the best in whatever experiences is in store for them in life. Say to yourself that you will welcome new friendships into your life with excitement, willingness, love, and hope.

Replace Negative Feelings With Positive Ones

It’s all about not feeling angry at people for leaving or making a change, you can look at it from a different perspective – a more positive and loving way. You can now look forward to new beginnings with new people, allowing yourself to grow and evolve further.

This doesn’t mean you have to kick people out of your life for no reason. People sometimes naturally disappear from your life and it’s all about accepting it and welcoming the change. Feeling resentment and anger will only stand in your way of being at peace and welcoming new things into your life.

Gaining From It On a Personal Level

When you learn how to deal with change and accept it in a loving way, it can help you to anticipate these changes. When you know what is coming it will give you the chance to prepare for it emotionally and mentally.  The only permanent thing in life is change – everything keeps changing. Because you know this, it will not come as a complete shock and when the time comes, you can be ready and let go peacefully and gracefully.

Change is not easy, nor is losing people, but it is inevitable. Learning to anticipate these changes and preparing yourself, and letting go in a positive manner can benefit you immensely as a person. The entire experience will end up being a happier experience instead of feeling devastated and harbour bitterness or other negative feelings.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I hope this post about how to cope with losing people and accepting the change in your life has been insightful and has offered you some guidance.

Sending you lots of light, love, and spiritual guidance.


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