Happy Stories of Healing

A few of you may be curious to know a little more about this beautiful natural healing modality (Pranic healing) that I’ve been fortunate enough to find. Here are some happy stories of healing  some people I’ve met along the way…

Happy Stories of Healing

Healing My Hands After Burning Them

I’ll start with myself… I burnt both my hands at the cinema one Friday night, on two paper cups of boiling hot herbal teas. I went to the bathroom and put my hands under running water. The First Aid guy came and put Aloe Vera dressings on both my hands from the burns kit.

Then for the next two hours during the rest of the movie I did the best I could with the basic healing techniques I had learnt to try and remove some of the pain. Later that night, when I could get to A&E, the doctor gave me some strong painkillers and said your hands will blister, you will be in extreme pain and won’t be able to work for the next few days.

Over the weekend, I continued using fresh Aloe Vera gel on my hands, and rested them as much as possible. On the Monday I called the GP as instructed and I gave her an update. I let her know I was no longer using bandages, there was no blistering or scarring and I no longer had any pain. The GP was amazed and said to continue with what I was doing. I went back to work soon after.

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Healing Pain on My Right Side

One Friday morning I woke up with a pain on my right side. As the day went om things got worse. By lunch time I was doubled over in pain and had to lie down. I followed the correct process to get seen by a GP and they slotted me in for an emergency appointment. That afternoon the GP did a full check up to rule out all other ailments. The GP came to the conclusion that the only thing it could possibly be was my appendix.

I explained that I was learning how to become a natural healer and that my body is quite sensitive to energy. I explained that what happens in the energy body, later happens in the physical body and said maybe its possible that I am feeling the energetic pain from my appendix. He said if this is the case, then I need to go to A&E either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Either way, in the next twenty four hours, I would need to be in hospital getting checked out properly. I looked at the GP and smiled. After a few seconds, he smiled and asked if I was going to go home now and heal myself. I smiled again and nodded.The GP said if the pain got any worse or didn’t go away, I should definitely go to hospital.

I went home and rested. I was in a lot of pain so I asked a colleague if she would do a treatment on me. She did and I felt at least fifty per cent better after she had finished. The next day I followed the treatment plan laid out in the manual and rested as much as I could over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon the pain was completely gone and I felt absolutely fine. I went back to work on the Monday, no trip to A&E was needed.

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Healing a Friend’s Hurt Back

One Saturday, a friend had somehow hurt his back. He’s an avid gym goer and here he was for over a day, in absolute agony, barely able to stand or walk without grimacing in pain. His wife convinced him to call and explain what had happened. I completed a treatment immediately. Within an hour of me finishing the treatment, my friend could sit, stand, walk and run on the spot without any pain. I was at my house, he was at his house in another town about an hour’s drive away. The treatment worked just was well as if he’d been right there in front of me.

Helping a Grieving Friend

Another friend sent a message saying she had to go to a funeral the week before; and the trauma and grief of this event was just overwhelming. She asked for some help and I offered to do a treatment for her.

The idea was not to make her forget anything, but just to lessen the amount of grief and trauma she was experiencing so she could at least think clearly and process everything as she needed. I did the treatment and afterwards she said the grief was less and she felt more herself again. Emotionally she said she had the most profound experience. This friend lives in Ireland.

Aiding a Friend With High Blood Pressure

Another person had high blood pressure. I completed the recommended treatment three times in one week, as per the instructions in the manual. I found out when he went back to the GP to get another prescription for his medication, the GP said his blood pressure was normal, he no longer needs medication for high blood pressure. He is based in South Africa.

Providing Relief For Severe Migraine

A colleague came to work one day with a severe migraine. Her eyes kept watering and she explained where her head hurt but said the pain went down her neck and into part of her shoulders too. I asked if I could help her as I had just finished my work and she said yes. After half an hour, she was smiling and the pain in her head, neck and part of her shoulders had completely disappeared.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these happy stories of healing. There are many others I have helped along the way, from anxiety to anger, eczema to arthritis. Pranic healing is one of the most amazing natural healing modalities I have come across and there seems to be a treatment plan for any ailment. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help alleviate the symptoms that cause people pain and suffering, so that their bodies can heal faster naturally. If you are in need of help for something or know of someone who is in pain, please feel free to make contact, I would love to help.


Much Love, Light and Power always,


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