9 Best Immune-Boosting Foods When You Have The Flu

Today we are looking at the best immune-boosting foods when you or someone you know has the flu to help you or them feel better. Usually when you have the flu, you don’t have much of an appetite, but it is essential to eat small portions of the right foods. Your body needs the nutrients and energy to recover.

But before we get into which foods are the best for boosting your immune system while having the flu, here are some suggestions about what you can drink to stay hydrated.

Your body can get dehydrated fast with the flu because not only is your appetite reduced and you drink less, you also lose water when you are sweating while having a fever.


Stay Hydrated

Not only are fluids essential for bodily functions overall, but it also assists with breaking up congestion and fighting off infections.

Fluids you can drink to stay hydrated:

  • Water
  • Broth
  • Tea with lemon and honey
  • Juices that are 100 percent natural without any added sugars
  • Ginger tea

9 Best Immune-Boosting Foods When You Have the Flu


Whether you prefer vegetable, chicken, or beef, broth is an excellent food that you can eat when you’re having the flu. You can enjoy it from as soon as you’re experiencing symptoms and continue until your body has fully recovered. Broth is also useful for soothing a sore throat or providing relief for congestion.


Most people think of garlic as merely a food flavoring, however, it has been used for treating numerous ailments over the years. Garlic is known for boosting immunity and reducing the severity of symptoms. You can eat raw garlic or take supplements as soon as you notice the first symptoms of the flu.

Chicken Soup

Nothing is as comforting as a bowl of chicken soup when you’re down with the flu. Chicken chunks added to the broth helps with supplementing your body’s protein and iron intake, and by adding celery, carrots, and herbs you benefit from various other nutrients as well. Just be mindful of your salt intake, as too much salt is not healthy.


Not only is plain yogurt beneficial for boosting the immune system, it can also bring welcome relief for a sore throat. Just make sure you are choosing yogurts with no added sugars.

Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach and other leafy greens are excellent for boosting your vitamin C and E intake while enhancing your immune system. You can add them to smoothies or eat them raw with a touch of olive oil and lemon juice.

Fruits Containing Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for boosting your immune system, particularly when you are sick. While supplements are useful, they are not absorbed into the body as efficiently as foods that you eat. You can snack on fruits like citrus, tomatoes, kiwis, and strawberries.


A comforting bowl of warm oatmeal is a healthy, nutritious, and soothing choice and a natural source of vitamin E. Oatmeal is also rich in beta-glucan fiber and polyphenol antioxidants that helps build immunity. Select whole oats to get the most benefits.


Eating just a single serving of broccoli can provide your body with beneficial calcium, vitamins C and E, and fiber. You can include it in your diet when approaching the middle or end of your flu.


Many people experience enhanced chest and sinus congestion towards the end of their flu. Specific spices like horseradish and pepper can help you breathe better and break up congestion. Do not indulge in spicy foods if you’re having a sore throat however.


I hope this post with the best immune-boosting foods when you have the flu has been helpful and that you will consider including some of them into your diet to speed up the healing process.

Sending you lots of light, love, and immune-boosting vibes!



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