A Message From a Higher Power

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Strong

I’ve just had a deeply inspired meditation session and received this powerful message from a higher power. I just have to share it with you, especially now, amidst the Covid pandemic that is affecting millions of people worldwide.

Do not fear because I have a plan for you. I will not forsake you because I love you.

A Message From a Higher Power


Be Brave

Fear not because I will carry you through. Bravery is not something that we are born with and it is often hard to ignore things that scare us. Bravery is acquired over time through life experiences. Follow your heart and challenge yourself with unfamiliar experiences even if you feel scared. With a positive attitude and knowing that God is there to protect you, you are already halfway there. With positive thoughts you can become braver and overcome obstacles that you never thought possible.


Be Bold

Stand up for yourself, for what you believe in. Always remember that your opinion is valid and you have a right to voice it. Sometimes we come across situations that could make us compromise our values. Maybe you are offered a job at a company that you do not respect, but you have no choice because you need the money. Or your boss’s business practices do not sit well with you. Do not be scared or shy to stand up for what you believe in. But do it with respect and kindness always. 

Stand your ground even if it is not easy. If we keep bowing to the will of others and what they believe is right, we start to lose ourselves and forget about the things we feel passionate about. If you are authentic to your own viewpoints and needs, it gives you a sense of self. Place your trust in God to guide you in doing what is best for you and your overall well being. He will guide you and show you the way. 

With so many people who are dishonest, or do things to the disadvantage of others, be someone who stands out. There is no shame in being known as someone that does the right thing. Someone who has integrity, no matter what. Someone who is not afraid to stand up for themselves, and others.

 Be Strong

Be empowered to tackle every obstacle head on, no matter how hard it may seem. If you feel like you cannot do this alone, God will carry you and make the burden lighter.  To be strong  we have to place our faith in God and his divine power. Our faith is demonstrated through the choices that we make and through our behaviour.

I Have a Plan For You

The future is bight, there is hope. Be encouraged  in knowing that I am always there, watching over you. When life gets you down, it may be hard to have hope and hold onto your faith. But God has a plan for each and every one of us. Our lives have been planned before we came into this world. Rest assured that God is watching over you and He will protect and guide you. He will give you the strength to overcome whatever comes your way.

I Will Not Drop You, I Have You

God will carry us through all our difficult times. He holds us close and protects us. He is almighty and can give you the strength, grace, and power to get through anything and face another day. Nothing is too big or too small for Him. Trust in Him and ask Him for help. Communicate with God through meditation and prayer and trust that He is there to listen and carry you when things get tough. You are not alone and you don’t have to do this on your own.

I Love You

God’s love is all encompassing, all consuming and the most beautiful, purest and strongest love of all. With a love like that, we can conquer all. What may seem like a mountain to us, is nothing to Him. God loves us even when we fail or lose our way. He welcomes us back everytime. His love is unconditional. It is a love like no other. 


I hope my message from Higher Power has been meaningful and it has brought you some peace, inspiration, and the courage to be brave, bold and strong to face whatever comes yoyr way.

Sending you much love, light and Divine Power from above.


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