5 Health Benefits of Social Interaction for Overall Wellbeing

Today we will be exploring 5 health benefits of social interaction. Throughout our lives we engage in various opportunities to shape and maintain relationships. Some of them cultivate and mature with us, while some of them stagnate due to changing life circumstances. It is not always to remain in touch with family and friends due to lockdown, a busy lifestyle, or some moving away.

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5 Best Yoga Poses For Insomnia

Today, I will be sharing the 5 best yoga poses for insomnia. We all know that sleep is essential for overall wellbeing and health, but if you struggle with insomnia, getting your beauty sleep every night is easier said than done. However, these 5 best poses for insomnia might just resolve the issue. By incorporating these gentle yoga exercises to your nightly routine, you might just fall asleep faster and enjoy a good night’s rest.

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7 Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Food and Drinks


There are plenty of foods that are packed with sugars, flavourants, and other unhealthy additives. Today I will be sharing healthy substitutes for everyday food and drinks which are more beneficial for your health. There are healthier options that you can try to replace foods like granola bars, cereals, white bread, and other foods or drinks that people consume on a daily basis.

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6 Tips on How To Set Up a Good Night Time Routine

Today, I will be sharing 6 tips on how to set up a good night time routine. Getting into the habit of having a solid night time routine is essential for overall health and wellbeing.

Even during lockdown, having a good routine during the day and also at night is crucial. My tips on how to set up a good night time routine might be a slightly different routine than what you had before, but no less important.

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11 Telltale Signs of Mental Exhaustion

Today, I am sharing the telltale signs of mental exhaustion. It is similar to being physically worn out, except, your mind is exhausted instead of your muscles. It tends to happen when you emphasize on a mentally challenging task for a while.

You might also feel like your brain is drained and you are constantly stressed out or on alert. Mental Exhaustion can also be brought on if you have a lot on your plate, like caring for kids or aging parents alongside other things in your daily life.

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