8 Silver Linings of Lockdown

Without a doubt, lockdown and social isolation has not been easy on all of us, with some people getting sick, or having loved ones being sick, or worse, losing their lives. Not to mention the economic and psychological effects on many.  But not everything about lockdown is necessarily negative or bad. Here are silver linings of lockdown that is worth acknowledging.


8 Silver Linings of Lockdown

More Family Time

Social distancing has allowed us to have more quality family time. This in turn leads to a better standing of each other and closer bonds among family members. Households with one or both parents having full time jobs, now have more time to spent with kids and doing family friendly activities.  With daily life being forcibly slowing down, it gives us the opportunity to look more closely to our personal values and evaluate what is really important.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

When being cut off from the rest of the world we get the chance to reconnect with the small pleasures, with less interest in materialistic things. We have lower stress levels, and we live healthier lifestyles by spending less money on take out food and preparing hearty and healthy homecooked meals.

Spiritual Growth

With us being stuck at home and life slowing down, we can focus on spiritual growth. We have more time to meditate and reflect.  We automatically have a kinder attitude towards others that go through the same experiences than us. It allows us to have a stronger sense of community and a better appreciation for frontline workers that are still working to combat this pandemic every day.

New Learning Possibilities and Opportunities

Remote schooling and working allows us to master new technologies and establish a better work-life balance.

Saving Money

With many individuals struggling with work and income loss, being socially isolated at home means we spend less money on commuting to work, eating out, entertainment, etc. You are also less likely to do impulse shopping when you are buying items online. Instead we can stay home and watch movies on Netflix, or read books.

Reading books with your children has numerous benefits. Other family friendly activities are taking your dog for a walk and getting some exercise, improving your baking and cooking skills by trying out new recipes, and improving your gardening skills. You can enlist the help of your children to grow your own organic food at home.

Friendlier on The Environment

With less people flying, or commuting by train, bus or car, there are fewer toxic emissions. This has an immense impact on the planet and the air we breathe. Instead of driving to the closest grocery store or shop, rather take a brisk walk. This way, you are doing your bit to protect the environment while getting some exercise.

Healthier Overall

With social isolation and lockdown, we are less exposed to contact with others. Therefore, the chances are fewer to get seasonal flu or colds. People living with social anxiety are less exposed to crowded places, therefore experience fewer symptoms or the likelihood of a panic attack.

With lockdown we can focus more on the pshychogical and physical wellbeing of family and friends and check in on them regularly to see how they are coping. With technological advances like the internet, Whatsapp, skype, etc. we can still check in on others without being physically present.

Vacation Locally

Lockdown permits us to discover local stay-cation spots close to home instead of traveling far or abroad to vacation elsewhere. This way we can support local businesses that have also been impacted financially due to social isolation and the global pandemic.


Let’s face it, the Covid-19 pandemic along with social distancing and lockdown has not been an easy ride for most of us. But instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s appreciated the silver linings of lockdown. With identifying the positives, we automatically experience improved mental well-being too.

Sending you lots of light, positivity, and  healing vibes.



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