7 Essential Elements of Spirituality

Today’s article covers 7 essential elements of spirituality. What does it mean to be spiritual? Do you have to be religious to be spiritual? Spirituality and religion are entwined and many people find they are both. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. People experience spirituality differently, depending where they are on their journey, however it essentially means acknowledging that there is a force or source greater than us. Its more than simply being human.

Everyone and everything is connected, and the greater whole of who we are is celestial and Divine in nature. Are you spiritual? Here are some of the elements of spirituality that can help you get a clearer picture of what it encompasses.

7 Essential Elements of Spirituality

elements of spirituality

Being Open

You’ll find it hard to experience spirituality if you are not open to new ideas, thoughts and paths which you may not have been aware about before. It involves being open to new and different teachings and learning from all sources. If you can allow yourself to open your mind, heart and soul to all things around you, you have a good chance to deepen your spirituality.

Your mind is linked to your crown chakra, your heart is linked to your heart chakra and your soul, your inner soul or inner child is linked to your higher soul. Being open to learning new truths can lead you down a path where you find your soul purpose.


In order to fully trust and have faith, you must be willing to let go of uncertainty and control. Being in a place of trust and faith is reassuring. It is about knowing in your heart and mind and believing with your whole being that everything happens for a reason. There is a reason and, therefore, a lesson behind each situation we encounter.

You will receive the guidance you search for at the right time, be open to receiving this Divine guidance by meditating daily and connecting with your higher soul. There are circumstances in life that we have no control over; however,  we can control how we react to them. We need to trust and have faith in the journey, learn the lessons and continue to grow and evolve.

Believing In a Higher Intelligence

This means you have to believe that a Higher Power exists, whether it is the Universe, Nature, different Deities, or God – it is something that exists beyond your consciousness. It could be that your aura and chakras are clouded by emotions and thoughts, thereby sometimes possibly clouding your judgment on such things.

Meditation and Pranic Healing can help eliminate some or all of these. Some things cannot be explained. Have you ever had the feeling that you simply need to do something? You don’t know why, but just that it’s important? Taken in the correct context, this could be guidance from your Higher Power.


For many, spirituality means performing some kind of regular practice that strengthens their bodies, minds (inner peace), and souls (belief) – creating a deeper connection. It could be something like meditation, daily prayers or invocations, or yoga that creates that link between your awareness and a deeper knowledge of your Higher Power.

These activities are personal to each practitioner and keep you connected with your spiritual side. I have daily practice with physical exercises and meditation, which keeps me grounded and peaceful and allows me to tackle any obstacles with a sense of quiet clarity and conscious awareness.


A deeper awareness generated by your spiritual practice subsequently helps deepen and widen your conscious perspective to consider everything around you – the world, life, yourself, and your loved ones- with more clarity. All these things are altered by your emotions and own life experience. Being spiritual means being open to multiple perspectives and higher truths in life.


Everyone has their own spiritual journey, which may open their heart, mind and soul to deeper meanings and higher teachings. It may allow them to experience the beauty in everything around them. This leaves them in awe and appreciation of the world around them.

It shows inner strength in revealing your emotions about things that you feel blessed by (choosing how and when to react with which emotion is, of course, key), having empathy, and experiencing calmness and stillness on a deeper level – these are all manifestations of someone on their spiritual path.


All the above-mentioned elements may shift your perspective and possibly fill you with hope. The hope that things will get better. In today’s hectic life, we need to have hope in humanity, in our own abilities, and in new possibilities. One of the meditations I take part in is called Twin Hearts Meditation. This meditation is beautiful in its simplicity.

By following the prompts of one of the many teachers online, blessings are asked for all people and places all over the world experiencing troubling times; then blessings are asked for your loved ones; then blessings are given to you. As we give, we receive. It creates an inner stillness and sense of hope that even if we have nothing to give, we are still giving something back.  Without hope, what is left? We need to have hope and faith to support us on our spiritual journeys so that we may lead our best life.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this post about the 7 essential elements of spirituality insightful and inspirational. Are you spiritual? Feel free to share your experiences with me in the comments.

Sending you much love, light, and spiritual awareness,



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